Protection of Loved Ones Spell

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Gardenia
Color of the day: Brown
Incense of the day: Gardenia

Many of us have loved ones who are far away, and we worry about their safety, so a sympathetic charm is appropriate to wear yourself or send to your loved one. Take a lock of your hair, a sprig of rosemary, a sprig of lavender, and a gold ribbon. Weave the three items in a small braid and place them in a locket. As you weave, say this chant:

Over and under,
Around I do bind.
I am yours,
And you are mine.
Come home safe
From harm and strife,
For we will build
A better life.

Put a picture of your loved one in your locket, and your picture in the locket of your loved one.
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