Birthday Spell

Color of the day:  Scarlet
Incense of the day:  Maple
Color of the day: Scarlet
Incense of the day: Maple

Use this spell today or on the day you celebrate your birth. The old saying goes: "A year older, a year wiser." Focus on the wisdom of your years. Welcome the growth and change and know that all things age. Don't worry about the aging of the body. Visualize the radiant inner beauty you possess manifesting within and without you. Light a candle-or use birthday candles on a cake-and chant:

I'm older than I've ever been
But younger than I'll ever be;
Wiser than I've ever been,
Yet more learning waits for me.
Age will touch the body but inner beauty reigns.
It shines through me despite the years,
My youthful spirit still remains.
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