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Saint Ninian’s Day Passion Spell

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Violet
Color of the day: Gold
Incense of the day: Violet

Ninian's plant is the herb southernwood. Used as an aphrodisiac, southernwood's folk name is "Lad's Love." To rekindle passion in your relationship, cast this knotting spell. Begin by cutting a length of red cord equal to your height. Insert a sprig of southernwood in each of your nine knots while you chant the knotting spell:

Knot of one,
the spell's begun.
Knot of two,
it cometh true.
Knot of three,
so shall it be.
Knot of four,
the open door.
Knot of five,
the spell's alive.
Knot of six,
the spell is fixed.
Knot of seven,
the gates of heaven.

Knot of eight,
the hand of fate.
Knot of nine,
the spell is mine.

Fasten the ends of the cord so that it forms a circle and place it under your bed.
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