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Asclepius and His Guide to Health

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Patchouli
Color of the day: Gold
Incense of the day: Patchouli

Colder weather settling in signals the watch for winter colds and flu. We may not be able to prevent these illnesses, but we can make the most magically of our sacred spaces while we recuperate. Seek aid from Asclepius and his daughter Panaceia, the goddess of remedies and herbal preparations. Take medications as prescribed by your doctor and ask Panaceia to bless them. Add generous portions of liquids and ask the blessings and aid of Asclepius. Get plenty of rest. Also invoke the aid of Asclepius's other daughter Hygiena, the goddess of good health. Her Roman adaptation is Salas, and her symbol is the pentagram. You can use her symbol for good health by scattering it about the house to keep sickness from re-entering your home.
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