Yule Moon Spell

Color of the day:  Amber
Incense of the day:  Violet
Color of the day: Amber
Incense of the day: Violet

Prepare a Yule log. If you don't have a place to burn an open fire, an oak log can be used with a candle to symbolize the Yule fire. Drill a hole in the log big enough to hold a candleholder. Place a bayberry candle in the holder, and place holly leaves on the log. If you can have an open fire, use bayberry and holly leaves in your fire pit. Light your fire, saying:

By oak and holly,
let no one's folly
blight this home
of love and cheer.

Light your fire, or candle, at sundown, and sit by it as it burns away. Think of all the things you've learned over the past year, and plan ahead for all the new things coming your way in the coming year.
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