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Workspace Blessing Spell

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Sage
Color of the day: Gray
Incense of the day: Sage

This is a nice general blessing that can be done on your computer when you clean your office space or get a new piece of hardware/software. All this new technology can be intimidating. Minerva understands, and she will be there to help. Once you have installed something new or cleaned up your space, sit for a moment in front of your computer. Breathe in and ground yourself. Say:

Minerva, great goddess,
Let this space be
Productive, constructive,
And trouble free.
Let spam be gone,
Let no virus invade,
Nor hardware falter
Or problems plague.
I ask for your blessing,
Three times three,
Minerva, Minerva,
Please let it be.

Chant this twice more. It's good for whenever you feel your work space needs a reboot.
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