Feed the World Prayer

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Mulberry
Color of the day: White
Incense of the day: Mulberry

World Food Day was established in 1945 by the United Nations to create awareness of all the people worldwide who suffer from hunger each day. All over the globe, nations come together by hosting week-long events in observation of this special day. Our world has the means to feed us all, and yet hundreds of millions of people are chronically malnourished. Take a moment today to reflect and pray for abundance for all. Annapurna is the Hindu goddess of food. She is empowered with the ability to feed everyone who hungers. She also symbolizes the divine aspect of nourishing care. She carries a jeweled vessel containing food and a spoon to distribute it to those who are impoverished. Call her light into being today by saying this prayer:

For those in need,
Use your vessel
To nourish and feed
All who hunger
In body and soul.
Food for the world
Is our ultimate goal.
Blessed be!

Make your offering by committing a day this week to feed someone in need.
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