Spell for Good Fortune

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Lilac
Color of the day: Yellow
Incense of the day: Lilac

Bring together a red cloth, fortune cookie(s) with the prewritten fortunes removed unread, your athame or wand, a red candle, a green candle, small slips of paper and pen, coins, and paper money. Start in a very positive frame of mind, banishing all worries and bad thoughts; lavender scent helps with this. Breathe and connect with Mother Earth. Write the fortunes you desire on the slips of paper and place them inside the cookies with intention. Place the cookies atop the money. Light the green candle, concentrating your good fortune into being in the present. Light the red candle for fast action. Tap each cookie with your athame to energize the fortune inside of it. One at a time, take the slips of paper out of the cookies and read them out loud. Eat the cookie while envisioning the fortune already in your life. When you are finished, burn the slips of paper, extinguish the candles, and thank the Spirit for your upcoming good fortune.
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