Call for Magic Group

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Narcissus
Color of the day: Silver
Incense of the day: Narcissus

Today is a Monday and we are in a waxing Moon phase, a double dose of lunar magic. And as we are in the season of harvest, let's work a bit of magic to gather others of a like mind. If you are wanting to be part of a magical study group, circle, or coven, here is a spell that can help you find compatible magical folks. Get out under that waxing Moon tonight and make your request to the Lord and Lady.
Under bright August skies and a waxing Moon,
Let me find a magic group for myself soon.
I manifest a group filled with wisdom, kindness, and fun,
As I will so now must it be, and bringing harm to none.
Take your time and get to know the members of your group. You should feel welcome, safe, and happy at all times with any magical group.

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