A Spell for Safe Travel

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Magnolia
To craft a spell bag attuned to safety in travel, draw the rune Raido on a fabric drawstring bag made of orange fabric. On the opposite side, draw the astrological symbol for Mercury. Fill the bag with any amount of moss (Spanish moss, Icelandic moss, oak moss, general tree moss, etc.) and seaweed (kelp or another variety), as well as a large tiger's eye stone for clear sight.
Draw a giant eye on either side of
an orange sheet of construction paper, fold it three times, and stick it inside the bag. Close the bag and knot it tightly shut. Hold it to your third eye (Ajna) chakra and say something like:
Spirits of Mercury and
spirits of air; spirits of travel and spirits of care, with this bag I do intend; to keep me safe until the end. In all my travels and all my jaunts, know that it's your protection I want. Keep me aware and keep me secure; these prayers of safety I humbly ask of you.
Repeat this prayer eight times and carry the bag with you on any trip by car, bus, plane, boat, or bicycle.

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