Unfurl that Goddess Energy

Color of the day:  Turquoise
Incense of the day:  Carnation
Happy Full Moon! For this spell, you will need nine different fresh flowers and a white candle. When picking the flowers, leave a little offering of cornmeal or sugar at the base of each plant. When selecting the candle, inscribe the symbol of the Triple Moon on the wax nine times in various places. Light the candle on your altar. Focus on what the Great Goddess means to you and how she has blessed your life with abundance. Think about the various ways in which others perceive the Goddess and compare your own experiences and perceptions to those around you. Where do you agree in opinion? Where do you contrast? This spell is designed to draw you closer to the energy of the Goddess and ask her to reveal her deeper nature to you over time. Lay each flower at the base of the candle. Use your intuition to determine which to lay first, second, and so on. As you lay each flower, say the corresponding line of this chant. Be sure to meditate after speaking each line, and make sure the candle safely burns all the way down at the end.
By the placing of one, the spell's begun.
By the placing of two, align me with you.
By the placing of three, I call unto thee.
By the placing of four, your wisdom I implore.
By the placing of five, make my senses come alive.
By the placing of six, I declare myself a servant and Witch.
By the placing of seven, I seek the knowledge of Hades and heaven.
By the placing of eight, reveal your beauty great.
By the placing of nine, let the truth of your existence be mine.
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