Let Your Beauty Shine

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Sage
While not everyone can win a beauty contest (the first one was held on this day in 1908), there is no one who isn't beautiful in some way. Today, empower an amulet that will help you bring your beauty shining to the surface. Set up your altar with jasmine incense for the beauty of the Moon, a golden candle for the Sun, lovely flowers for the earth, and water in a crystal bowl for the sea. Select a piece of jewelry you think is beautiful, and lay it on a hand mirror on your altar. Cast your circle, and invoke the elements and deities by speaking them fair. Hold your hands over the amulet, directing power into it, and chant:
Charms that I have, come forth and show,
Let all who see, my beauty know.
Put on the jewelry, take up the mirror, and see how beautiful you are!

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