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Sweet Dreams

Color of the day:  Lavender
Incense of the day:  Clary sage
Monday has the astrological influence of the Moon. Since we are in a waning Moon phase, let's conjure up a good night's sleep. This spell calls on Selene, the Greco-Roman goddess of the Moon. A much-loved deity of Witches, Selene brings no-nonsense solutions to magical and mundane problems. To start this spell, brew a cup of chamomile tea. As it steeps, enchant it to help you to sleep easily and peacefully. Hold the mug or teacup in your hands and focus your intent on the tea. Then repeat the verse.
Lady Selene, goddess of the Moon,
Now hear my call and grant me a boon.

Enchant this tea, may it bring rest and sweet dreams,
A good night's sleep, sent from you, on a moonbeam.
By an August waning Moon's light,
May this spell turn out just right!
Now drink your tea and sweet dreams!

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