Offering to the Land Spirits

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Rosemary
Labor Day

In shamanic cosmology, the world is an interconnected interplay of spirit beings. All things that exist have a spirit. Begin to get to know the spirits around you by giving an offering to the spirits of your land. Traditional offerings include fruits, cakes, cookies, or juices. If you have a ritual space outside near your home, give an offering there. If not, use your intuition and find a place outdoors that calls to you. The base of a tree is one idea. Breathe deeply and bow before the spirits of the land. Speak to them. Give them your offerings. Say something like:
Spirits of this land,
Guardians of this place,
Accept these offerings.
May our partnership grow
With gratitude and love.
Invite these spirits to your ceremonies and spells. Allow them to teach you the magic of the land. Return to this place once a month and refresh the offerings.
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