Offering to Time

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Lily
Time has assumed semidivine status, even in our seemingly secular society. We make sacrifices to time. When we're not careful, we become victims of time. Most people probably wish they had more control over time. Give an offering to Time today to become an ally. Call upon Maa Kali, whose name means "Time" and who dances the cycles of all things into existence. Go to a crossroads in the dark of night and offer three red flowers, preferably a hibiscus, or three drops of your blood. As you do, say something like:
Great Mother Kali,
You who hold the secret power of Time,
Please accept this offering.
May I gain a deeper knowledge of your mysteries,
May I become an ally to time, and not a victim,
Hail, sweet mother.
Jai Maa.
Take a breath and bow to her, allowing your forehead to touch the ground. It is done.

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