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Boost Your Financial Bounty

Color of the day:  Crimson
Incense of the day:  Carnation
Sukkot begins

September is Harvest Moon, celebrating the end of the harvest and gratitude for the bounty of nature. To bring a financial boon into your life, place a bowl of unsalted nuts that includes cashews, almonds, and pecans (no peanuts) on your altar. Underneath it, place some play money. Decorate your altar with the harvest color. Cast your circle, calling in the direction and the Harvest Mother. Thank her for all that you have harvested in this season. Commemorate with your voice the things that were well and plentiful and honor the things that did not flourish. Ask her for her blessings and ask her to increase your financial bounty. Raise energy by toning and send the energy into the universe for the blessings of abundant financial resources. Eat some of each nut and prepare a libation of nuts for the nature spirits and leave it outdoors. Say farewell to the Goddess, the directions, and take up your circle. Put the play money in your wallet to draw more money to you. Each day, eat some of the nuts, replenishing the bowl with more. Maintain this magic for as long as you need it or until the next Full Moon.

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