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Revisit the First Blush of Love

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Hyacinth
Sometimes the truth in our love relationships can get twisted and finding our way back to honesty can be a challenge. A spell to augment real-world strategies can help if you are sure you can handle the truth. Decorate your altar in deference to Venus and include pink and red candles, rose quartz, and rose incense. Add a sharp knife, two pieces of licorice-twist candy, and a pink paper cutout heart. Place the licorice twists on top of the paper heart and place it on your altar. Call in Venus. Place your hands over the licorice and the heart and tell Venus of your concerns and your desire for a return to honesty. Cut the licorice and cut through the dishonesty and eat it, saying:
Dear Venus, I cannot do this unassisted, away from truth my love has twisted, bring back honesty and the truth; please give our love a fresh new youth.

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