Lughnasadh Full Moon Freedom Spell

This Lughnasadh Full Moon (at 11 degrees of Aquarius) is conjunct Neptune, the planet of mysticism. As a difficult aspect occurs tomorrow-Saturn opposes Pluto-there may be some tense energies accompanying this Full Moon. Aquarius is the sign of universal brotherhood, aspirations, revolution, freedom, and equality. Light a brightly colored candle, and meditate on the freedoms you have in your life. In which areas of your life do you have complete autonomy? Where are you constrained by other people, or by situations beyond your control? Can you get unencumbered and become freer? Sometimes we end up being owned by possessions or people and don't even realize it. Thank the cosmos for your freedoms and evaluate where you have chosen to anchor yourself. Give yourself permission to do what you want for a day.
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