A Spell to Encourage Employment

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Rosemary
When you're job hunting, it never hurts to add some magical encouragement to your efforts. Use this spell to help increase your odds in obtaining an interview or after you've had an interview. You will need three candles. Arrange them in this manner: a yellow one in the center, an orange one on the left, and green one on the right. In front of the candles, write the job description or title on a piece of paper, or use the ad from the newspaper-any kind of paper symbol of the job you desire. On top of the paper, place a few sprigs of lavender (fresh or dried) and a piece of Devil's Shoestring (Viburnum). Visualize your goal as you light the candles. Focus on the reasons why you're the perfect candidate for the position. Allow the candles to burn out. Keep the herbs on your altar until you know the outcome of your effort.

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