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Pledge to Brigid

Color of the day:  Red
Incense of the day:  Basil
February 1 is the feast day of the Catholic Saint Brigid. According to Pagan lore, Saint Brigid was
originally connected to the Celtic goddess Brigid, patroness of poetry, smithcraft, and healing. Brigid is a
Maiden Goddess. She embodies the power of light to overcome the darkness and coldness of winter. Create
a special ritual fire for Brigid today.

Whether outdoors or safely in a cauldron, breathe in the energy of Brigid's flame and allow it to cleanse
you of all that needs to be released. Offer a pledge to Brigid in return. As the light of life returns to the world,
how can you be a force of healing, truth, and justice in the world? If you are unsure, take a few moments to
breathe and meditate on what you can do. When ready, approach the flame and speak your intention. Let it
flow from your heart and out to the world.
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