Honor Wolf-Month

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Lily
In Scotland, the month of February was known by the Scottish Gaelic term Faoilleach, which meant "wolf-month." In Celtic tradition, it was taboo to speak the name of the wolf, and so it was known instead as a "wild dog" (faol-chú). In ancient times, the wolf was one of the animals associated with the horned or antlered god known as Cernunnos. It was also one of the animals honored by the ancient Picts. During this dark time of the year, honor the wolf and invoke its powers to survive marbh-mhios-"the dead month."

I honor the power of the wild one
The wild dog of the forests
Brother of fox, cousin of hound
I ask for your strength and courage
Your cunning and your wisdom
In this, the coldest time of the year
Companion of the Horned One
May I have your keen sight And power to surviving the wildness
So may it be!
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