Call the Winds of Winter

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Neroli
Presidents' Day (observed)

In the Scottish Gaelic folk calendar, the third week of February was known as an Feadag, "The Whistle," because of the cold, whistling winds heard at this time of year. It came between the period of time known as an Faoilleach (the Wolf Month) and an Cailleach (the Hag). In some areas, it was followed by short periods known as an Gobag (the Sharp-Billed One), an Sguabag (the Sweeper), and an Gearan (the Complaint). These names referred to particular types of wind and weather which were keenly observed by the Highlanders. The spirits of weather and season were ritually acknowledged, and many ancient sayings about them have been passed down to this day.
This is a traditional charm that speaks to the weather at this time of year:

Season in which the flaying wolf-month arrives
Cold hailstones, a storm made of bullets
The Whistle, the Sweeper, the gloom of the Complaint
And the shriveling sharp- bristled Hag!
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