Binding a Book

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Lavender
We've all had the experience of loaning a book to a friend but then forgetting who we loaned it to. To help your book find its way back home, carry out this simple binding spell.
Measure the book from top to bottom. Add four inches to this measurement, and then double the total.
Cut a red cord or ribbon (for empowerment) to this length.
(Example: If your book is ten inches tall, you'd calculate 10+4 = 14 x2 = 28.)
When you're ready to loan the book, hold the cord in your hand and say these words aloud:

However far this book may travel,
Never will this strand unravel.
O'er land, through air, or stirring sea,
Return this volume back to me.

Cut the cord in half, knotting each of the four ends with overhand ("stopper") knots. Insert one half-cord into the book; keep the other in a safe place until the book is returned.
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