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Grieving Loss and Letting Go (Day of Saint Pelagius of Oviedo)

Color of the day:  Orange
Incense of the day:  Almond
Have you lost someone or something meaningful to you? Have you abandoned yourself thoughtlessly, forgetting your true nature to please others? Today, grieve the loss and empty yourself of the pain you hold. To help let go, draw a bath and sprinkle in lavender and comfrey. Take a moment to set the space with white candles. Copal is conducive to your healing process, so burn this if you wish. Alternatively, light sandalwood to soothe your soul. Soak now, relaxing your muscles and your heart center, focusing on the release of all forms of tension: physical, psychic/emotional and causal. Breathe in compassion and forgiveness as you work through each loss, and breathe out any unnecessary holding. Use sound to help let go. When you are done, exit the bath and return a small portion of the bath water to soil beyond your home. Drain the bath only after you have done this.
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