Banishing Spell

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Cypress
Draw upon the power of Saturn today to banish a person, influence, or occurrence in your life. As with any sort of serious magic, you may wish to consult your guides or divinatory oracle before proceeding. If you get a positive response, gather together three black candles, myrrh incense and oil, a pen with black ink, and three photocopies of the Tower tarot card (use three pieces of blue paper if this is unavailable to you). In your ritual space, cleanse the candles and dress them in oil. Light your incense. Charge the candles with your breath and light them. Write that which you wish to banish on the tarot cards and say a chant like:
Leave us, leave us
Your presence is enslaving
Go now forever
Return to love
Let the energy build and spiral out into the Universe. Allow the candles to burn out. Burn the copies of the tarot cards to complete the spell.
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