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Feast Day of the Queen of Heaven

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Lily
Light candles today in blue (firmament), green (Earth), and white (underworld), honoring the power of Goddess in the three realms. Sacred especially to those goddesses who travel among the worlds-such as Hecate, Shekinah, Sophia, Persephone, Chalchiuhtilique, Yemaya, Isis, Kali, and Inanna-use the energy of this time to consecrate images, statues, and symbols of the Divine Female. Anoint your object with oil of rose, lily, wisteria, gardenia, or hyacinth, and speak a blessing of dedication as you touch Her feet, womb, heart, throat, hands, third eye, and crown:
Oh, Goddess, Mother, Sister,
Lover, Friend, Fierce One
and Extoller of Virtues! I sing
your praises with my every
breath and welcome you to
dance in my rites. I bless and
consecrate this image (statue/
symbol) in your name and for
your work that you may guide
me, offer your boons, and
grant me your lessons. I am
ready and hail you.
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