Let Go of Guilt

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Ylang-ylang
Holding on to guilt doesn't do anyone any good. And everyone makes mistakes! Today's a great day to forgive yourself for yours so that you can move forward into a beautiful future. Start with three white candles. Relax and let your mind move to the reason(s) for your guilt. Light one candle and say:
I am willing to let go of guilt.
Now gently conjure up a feeling of love in your heart. Surround the situation with this feeling of love, then light the second candle and say:
I am willing to transform
Inhale, close your eyes tightly and tense up every muscle in your body, and then fully release all the tension. Light the third candle as you say:
I now choose to forgive myself
completely. I now surrender
to the perfection of the
present moment.
Allow the candles to burn for at least forty minutes, and then extinguish.
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