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Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Eucalyptus
Today is the Feast of Epona, an earth mother goddess who became the much-beloved Celto- Roman goddess of horses. You may not have access to horses, but you can meet the goddess of these sacred animals in an astral journey. Create an altar with a picture of Epona or a white horse, and surround it with apples and roses.
Sit or lie down before it and close your eyes. Breathing steadily, imagine yourself standing in an open field of long, swaying grass. Repeat Epona's name to focus your intent and invoke the Goddess. She may appear as a white mare or as a woman with flowing hair sitting horseback.
Offer her an apple, or a garland of roses, and ask for her blessing. Make note of what she tells you, and thank her before she gallops away and you return from your journey. Leave the apples and roses from your altar outside to return to nature.
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