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Rich in Spirit

Color of the day:  Orange
Incense of the day:  Marigold
In Jamaica, Christmas is celebrated with gifts of food and drink, and household visiting. Most Jamaicans make a rich dark Christmas cake laden with fruit, port and over-proof rum, and either giner or sorrel wine. It is common to give a piece of your cake and a bottle of your wine as a gift for family, friends and neighbors.
If you celebrate Christmas, take a lesson from from the Jamaican tradition and make gifts for your family, friends, and neighbors, instead of buying them. Son't succumb to the pressure to run out and purchase more meaningless "stuff", give the gift of your time, energy, and care.
And as you soak the fruitcake with alcohol, know that you also infuse it with your spirit. So when you give these traditional gifts of wine and cakes to those you love, you gift them with a sacred part of you: Spirit.
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