Call in More Work

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Honeysuckle
Are you working hard, or hardly working? If it's the latter, and you'd rather it be the former, this spell should do the trick.
With the waxing Moon and the Sun in Capricorn (especially on a Wednesday), it's also a great day to manifest plenty of joyful work in the year ahead.
Write your full name on a small square of paper. pour a quarter-size dollop of honey on the center of a plate. Stick the paper to the honey, writing-side up. Then cover the top of the paper with honey as well. Hold a big red candle in both hands, close your eyes, and visualize/feel what it will be like to be happily hard at work, getting paid for something you enjoy. Place the candle on top of the honey and paper and surround it with shiny coins. Light the candle as you say:

Abundance is everywhere and life is sweet.
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