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Color of the day:  Topaz
Incense of the day:  Bay laurel
Everything is cold, the holiday hubbub has passed, and things are quieting down; does it seem a bit anticlimactic? We've spent the last two months surrounded by distractions of the holidays. This is the time that the world sleeps. If you take some time to visit nature right now, it's loke looking at a sleeping baby - nothing else is so peaceful.
Embrace the change of pace, bundle up, and take ten minutes or so to step outside somewhere- your yard, balcony, a park - and listen to nature sleep.
Whisper this charm:

As the world sleeps to this lullaby
Reveal your mysteries, by and by.

See what happens. Watch for nature's signs of life during the Earth's wintery sleep. When you find them, they will reveal mysteries to you that you would have missed if you hadn't taken a little time to experience the serenity of this time of year.
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