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Health, Prosperity, and Wisdom

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Carnation
Today is National Almond Day so it's a good time to conduct a ritual to bring forth the energies for health, prosperity, and wisdom.
Consecrate a wand to Thoth (Egyptian scribe of the gods, who created hieroglyphs and is a god of healing). Make the wand out of almond-tree wood if you can, or anoint with almond oil.
Burn herbs such as amaranth, cinquefoil, and star anise, or make into potpourri, so you can enjoy it anytime you need a boost.
Anoint a blue candle with musk or nutmeg and inscribe it with your magical name or astrological symbol. Meditate on it as you see a blue orb of energy pulsate around you, enhancing your healing abilities for yourself and others.
Carry a piece of turquoise with you and eat almonds (they offer vitamin E and magnesium, and they build a healthy heart).
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