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Snowdrop Spell

Color of the day:  Indigo
Incense of the day:  Rue
The snowdrop is a garden flower associated with the winter months, and also with our last sabbat, Imbolc. Another name for the snowdrop is Candlemas Bells. It's astrological correspondence is the planet Saturn. I have always assigned the element of Earth to this little beatuy. In the language of flowers, the snowdrop promises consolation, and it brings hope during the colest and bleakest time of year. Since Saturday is linked to Saturn's energy, let's work a little flower fascination with the energies of the waxing Moon and bring about some change and optimism today.

The snowdrop blossoms during the darkest, coldest days,
But it brings hope and consolation in many ways.
I call for positive change and new opportunities,
I put the past behind, and look frward to what will be.

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