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A Spell for Abundance

Color of the day:  Coral
Incense of the day:  Thyme
At this time of year, sap begins to rise in every tree and plant. The sap is rich wiht minerals; it is the essence of the Life Force. From the most majestic oak tree to a humble blad of grass, sap vitalizes the entire plant kingdom! Here is a spell that utilizes this seasonal energy to bring abundance. If possible, cut a few stems of some early blooming shrubs or trees such as forsythia, quince, or cherry. Place them in a vase of water upon your altar. On either side light a green candle and in front set a dish of soil. Feel the soil, crumble it in your fingers, and inhale its earthy scent. When you feel connected to this Earth energy speak these words:

Now the green season begins,
And all nature stirs again.
I ask that the Divine Spirit bless me with abundance, wealth, and prosperity.

Leave the stems upon your altar for a few days.
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