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Finding Magical Tools

Color of the day:  Violet
Incense of the day:  Orchid
Summer is great for yard sales, auctions, and flea markets. I often go looking for something specific but love the surprises I've found while rummaging through other people's "stuff"! Like the small, black, not-very attractive covered pot that is now a beautiful piece I display in my dining room. When I got it home, we sandblasted it and found the base is cast iron and the top is solid brass. Most people don't realize that I use it as my Cauldron of Care.
So often we hear about someone who is ill, or having a difficult emotional time, and we're asked to send energy. These requests seem to come in cycles, and in many instances, we never hear the outcome. When I receive the requests, I write the person's name on a slip of paper along with a one-or two-word description of their need. Into the Cauldron of Care they go, and each day I send energy through the cauldron. During the Full Moon, I light a fire in the Cauldron of Care, sending the wishes for healing into the Universe.
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