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A Ritual Cleansing Bath

Color of the day:  Orange
Incense of the day:  Hydrangea
Bathing is a sacred practice that many people take for granted. Many of us have the luxury of warm, running water, and, indeed, this is a blessing beyond measure. It's something people in many parts of the world would give anything for!
To honor water, try taking a sacred bath. Create a mix of herbs and place them in a drawstring bag; you may wish to use cleansing herbs such as yarrow, sage, hyssop, rue, lavender, and so on (there are literally thousands of herbs specifically used for cleansing and purification). While you draw a bath, drop the bag in the tub as you would a giant cup of tea. Put four elemental candles around the tub and turn off the lights. You may also wish to put on relaxing music and light some incense. Meditate with the flames around you and intuitively summon the elements. While bathing, use all natural soap and visualize your astral body purifying alongside your physical. Squeeze the herbs around you to release their energy,, give yourself time to meditate, and enjoy the rest and relaxation!
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