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Full Blood Moon Spell

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Rosemary
Tonight is a perfect time to take a moment just for yourself and to celebrate your spirituality. As the full Blood Moon rises, arrange your altar as you like, with pumpkins, fall flowers, leaves, altar candles, etc.
Then gaze upon those lit candles and take a moment to consider why you got involved in the Craft in the first place. Ground and center and remember the joy of the Samhain holiday. Now tap into all that energy that is out there and direct it into your life to help bolster up your confidence and strength of purpose. Look up at the Moon and when you feel its light shower down on you, and fill you with autumn's magic, say:

"As the full Blood Moon rises and Samhain looms closer still,

I call for courage, determination, and strength of will.

During this dark time of year my magic lights the way,

I call the Old Ones to bear witness to what I say,

Now gathering true wisdom and magic, closely around me,

I am a Witch with power, compassion and integrity.

By the power of the Full Moon this spell is spun,

As I will so mote it be, An let it harm none."
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