What's Stopping You?

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Magnolia
Sometimes a project gets away from us. We lose interest in what we really wanted to do. What is stopping us? Why can't we finish?
Road Opener Oil and a nine-day Road Opener candle are good meditative tools for looking for clarification on projects we just can't seem to get done.
Start with the candle and the oil. Anoint the candle and start it burning. Make sure it is on a surface that will not burn and where it will not be disturbed (accidently tipped over) but is clearly visible.
When you see the candle, take time to contemplate the unfinished project. Make some meditative time to understand what exactly is holding up your end of the project, and make notes. And be sure to consider what you need to finish the project, and how to complete it. Write it down and work on it. Finish what you start.
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