Exploring Worlds within Worlds

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Marigold
Today is Old November day; it's a day to honor the fairy Sidhe, who were considered supernatural beings akin to elves or fairies. Some say the exist in parallel universes or invisible worlds that coexist with our world.
In the morning, burn an incense of dittany of Crete, wormwood, and sandalwood. Meditate on the rising smoke or gaze into a crystal ball. Can you see your ancestors, the Sidhe, or maybe your doppelganger, in an alternate reality? Ask the Sidhe to guide you through the day. Ring a small bell and state aloud:

"Only higher vibrations are welcome here."

Make an offering of a piece of fluorite, or carry it with you during the day. Pay extra attention to any signs or intuitions that come to you. When alone, speak quietly to them and ask questions. Write down your impressions and review them from time to time.
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