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Computer Healing

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Yarrow
One of the most important tools for information and communication can be our computers. We need to keep them healthy and clean if we want these mechanical gnomes to keep serving us faithfully.
Be sure to "defrag" your hard drive regularly. Your antivirus software should be renewed annually and the antivirus definitions files should be updated regularly (if not set to update automatically).
Keep your operating system patched and updated. Be sure you have a good spyware/malware protection program and remover on your computer. Most of these fixes and preventions are cheap or free and can be had by using the great god of searching: Google.
Finally, be sure your computer is kept free from dust in the air intakes and that it is in a cool, dry place.
Keep this spell working going on a regular basis to ensure your cybergnome will serve you for many years.
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