Festival of Brewing

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Almond
Today is a traditional Druid festival of brewing. Brewing beverages from the local harvest is an ancient tradition, and festivals dedicated to Bacchus and Dionysus testify to the power of intoxicating beverages and their importance to the human experience. Preserving fruits and grains in this way also teaches us to make the most of our food suply: early American settlers drank cider and beer because they couldn't always count on having potable water. The famed Johnny Appleseed planted his trees so pioneers could make cider in their new settlements.
On this day, enjoy a beverage brewed from your area's harvest: beer from a microbrewery, wine from a local winery, mead from your coven's mead brewer, or cider (alcoholic or not) from a nearby orchard or farmstand. Buying local products stimulates the community's economy and encourages the self-reliance and reconnection to nature at the heart of the growing popularity in home brewing.
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