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Magical Window Cleaning

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Ginger
Tuesday's planetary ruler is Mars, so this is a good day to give your windows a magical spring cleaning. It was once believed that a passerby could unknowingly cast the evil eye through a window simply by glancing at a house. For this reason, glass globes known as Witch balls were placed in front of windows to deflect any bad energy and prevent it from entering the home.
To remove any trapped negativity from your windows, try this ritual. First thoroughly clean your windows, outside and inside. Then, in a spray bottle, mix warm water and three tablespoons of vinegar. Next wipe your windows with this mixture, wiping in a counterclockwise direction to banish bad energy. Then spray again, but wipe in a clockwise, circular motion to seal in the postivie energy. Your home will smell fresh, and you'll feel the positive vibrations you've created.
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