Renewing Your Intention of Gratitude

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Ginger
It's been six months since you wrote your list of nine things for which you're grateful and held them to your heart. If you still have your list, get it out and study it. If you want to make changes, do so. Or write a new list.
Become quiet and hold the revised list to your heart again and see each thing for which you're grateful written there in beautiful calligraphic script.
When you're ready, set an indigo candle on a fireproof surface. As you light the candle, invoke a goddess or god important to you, perhaps a Great Mother or Father. Read each item aloud, saying, "Thank you, {goddess or god}." Tell why you are grateful.
Finally burn the list in the flame of the indigo candle. Let the candle burn down, then bury the wax and the ashes of the list in your garden or a potted plant.
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