Healing and Purification Weaving

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Mint
Get some wool or other natural fiber yarn or string. Cut three equal strands, at least twelve inches long, and knot them together at one end. Then braid the strands together tightly. Visualize any illnesses, injuries, or other impurities you would like to remove from yourself or your home flowing through your hands and being bound into the braid. As you do so, say the following:

"Woven fibers, strong and true, wrapping around the table here.
Pain and anguish, illness, fear, in this binding shall accrue."

Then take the weaving to an isolated place, such as far out in the wilderness or at the top of a building (without trespassing!). Tie the weaving to a branch, pole, or other object, and let the elements slowly wear away the fibers and the impurities over time.
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