Tarot Journey for Insight

Color of the day:  Amber
Incense of the day:  Almond
Today the moon is at its fullest, and it is a good time to gain illumination into areas and issues about which we are unsure, confused, or feel misguided.
The tarot is a wonderful tool for both meditation and guidance in uncertain situations. The Moon card from the major arcana is associated with visions and dealing with illusory perceptions.
Pull the Moon card from one or several of your favorite tarot decks and lay them out on a reading cloth or your altar. Meditate by focusing on the tarot images and allowing them to serve as a catalyst to guide your journey for greater insight into those areas where you feel you are being mislead or need a clearer vision of the situation. If you feel you need further guidance into the situation represented for you by the Moon card, you may draw additional cards from the tarot deck, laying them down below the Moon. When you feel you've gathered enough information from your journey, you may wish to journal your experiences for further analysis in the future.
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