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Laughter Is Good Medicine

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Frankincense
Need a quick mood boost? Laugh! Find something funny! Studies show that laughter increases chemicals in the brain and body that can help us feel better. Even if it won't fix all your problems, being in a better mood can help you function and troubleshoot things more effectively.
The Greek goddess Baubo is particularly adept at tough cases. She helped cheer up Demeter after Persephone had been kidnapped (though in a very ribald manner!).
If you're feeling blue, say this little chant:

"Baubo, Baubo, spinning 'round,
Help me create joyful sounds!
Help me laugh and feel such cheer.
There's a place for you; come join me here"

Then sit down and watch a funny movie, read a book of jokes or other humor, or even cruise the Internet for LOLcats and other lighthearted entertainment, and see if Baubo can't help you appreciate these more.
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