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Fairies at Play

Color of the day:  Lavender
Incense of the day:  Hyssop
As we get closer and closer to Midsummer, the fairies come out to frolic and play more and more. I love the Fey, I really do. However, I also know that in their "play", they tend to enjoy creating a bit of chaos for those who are more human and mortal. This spell is to allow the Fey their fun, but to help keep it from being at your expense:

"Fairy children, come and play. Have your fun this summer day. My house, my home, myself, you see, shall not be the object of your trickery. I am safe, I am sound, while your summer fun abounds. Have your fune, with the play you do, and I will leave a gift for you."

Make sure you do leave a gift for the Fey after reciting this spell outside. Trinkets, shiny things, cakes, or other treats are always good ideas.
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