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Spiritual Comfort When You are Sick

Color of the day:  Crimson
Incense of the day:  Carnation
It's not always easy to stay healthy. We eat the right foods and exercise, and still we can get sick. It's really bad when we are alone and don't have anyone to get us through this hard time.
If an illness persists for more than three days, see a doctor. Medical assistance is available to all people, and there is no excuse for not seeing a doctor when it is most needed.
Asclepius and his daughters Hygeia (Health), Iaso (Healing), and Panacea (Cure-All) are good to call upon when you are feeling overwhelmed by illness. Read up on them-they are quite the family!
Or call upon your own gods and/or spirituality for help during a rough bout with illness. Having a friend or family member come check up on you regularly helps, too. And, of course, comfort foods are essential. I recommend chicken soup!
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