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Working with the Chalice

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Cedar
The chalice is a cup or vessel used for drinking sacred beverages-typically wine, mead, juice, or ale in Pagan ceremonies, although I've known friends to use herbal infusions, coffee, or even hot chocolate as well. The chalice may be simple or ornate; carved, decorated, or plain; and of wood, metal, or some other material. I love to be spontaneously creative with my chalices; for example, a "holey stone" will hold liquid in its depressions, while a seashell makes a perfect oceanside chalice.
Cleanse your chalice with the four elements: a sprinkle of saltwater and a pass through smoke over a flame. Charge it by exposure to sunlight or moonlight, and store it wrapped in a sumptuous cloth. When you use your chalice, honor it with these words:

"Sacred vessel,
Borne to lips,
Share with me
Your sacred gifts."
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