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Farewell to Summer

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Neroli
In the United States, Labor Day (in addition to all its other associations) is traditionally seen as something of an unofficial shift to autumn and the darker time of the year. For example, historically, it has been designated as the last day of the year when wearing white, or straw hats, is stylistically acceptable. So today, say farewell to summer. In the morning, light a red candle and say:

"Thank you, summer, for your radiant
light and carefree joy. Though we part
ways at the end of the day, the fondness
in my heart for your light and heat
waxes strong. Many blessings to you,
dear season, until we meet again."

Wear something summery and prepare a summery meal. Enjoy the holiday with one or more of your favorite seasonal pastimes (and perhaps cocktails!), making sure to enjoy all your festivities as fully as you can.
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